Monday 20 May 2019
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White iPhone Vs Black iPhone: Is it a Gender Thing?

When a gadget has two main colors such as black and white, the biggest question is that whether a specific color is for a man or a woman. It raises the questions about color being gender centric. If you are looking an answer to this question that whether an iPhone color is a gender thing then the simplest answer to your question is clearly “NO”. It is just based on one own preferences, so far in no certain terms it is proved that both the genders pick the colors of the phone based on their working style and liking. After various discussions, it has been concluded that it completely based on one individual’s choice than that of gender specifications.

According to research, here are some surprising results of usage of black and white iPhones by both males and females.

    Female use of black iPhone: 5.05% of females use black iPhones

    Male use of black iPhone: 53.54% of Males use black iPhones

    Female use of white iPhone: 5.05% of females use white iPhones

    Male use of white iPhone: 36.36% of males use white iPhones

However there is no any scientific reason behind these results but from these results, you can easily conclude that male use more black iPhones as compare to white iPhones. While on the other hand, females are more likely to use both the white as well as black iPhones.

Even survey on some websites had concluded that females also choose black iPhones over white iPhones. So, it is clearly visible that both men and women choose both white and black iPhones equally. Across the globe, black iPhones are more popular as compare to white iPhones. When both the colors of an iPhone model releases then there are more searches for black iPhones as compared to the white ones. Generally, most of the people whether a male or female prefers to have a black iPhone as compared to a white iPhone.

If you are limited in the budget then you can also choose to buy refurbished iPhone SE online in both the colors plus the extra color known as rose gold as per your own choice.

Here is a list of some reviews which people have to say about while choosing a black or white color iPhone.

“I like to use black iPhone over white iPhone because it is less distracting especially when I watch videos”

A person has cleared it why most of the people choose black iPhone over the white iPhone.

“I have a black iPhone because I don’t have to wait for a white phone release. I don’t care about the color of iPhone as I always keep it covered with an iPhone cover”

Usually, black iPhones come first and people who are a lover of iPhones and want to have the latest iPhone features, they just buy the latest model when it comes out. They don’t wait for the white color launch of iPhone and this is a big reason why most of the people have black iPhone as compared to a white iPhone.

While this another review says something different

“I think I would prefer the white color of iPhone because it looks more classy and makes you stand out from the crowd”

Some people also prefer white as they think it is white is more classy color. From all the reviews, it does not seem that choosing an iPhone color is a gender thing because most of the people have their own preferences and their own choices and priorities thus they choose their own choice of iPhone.

Wrapping it all up

It is really very difficult to give an answer to this question that whether it is a gender-specific thing or not. However, various researches and websites have concluded that it is an individual choice rather than a gender-specific choice. From surveys to reviews, from interviews to researches, it does not seem that it is a gender-specific thing because both the men and women prefer both the colors equally and just based on their individual choice. If you don’t afford to buy a new iPhone then choose to buy refurbished iPhone online. You can buy refurbished iPhone in both colors as per your own preference.

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